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Pet Supply Manufacturer




A 50 year-old international pet supply manufacturer that has grown into one of the most respected pet supply companies in the United States, serving customers through a network of retailers in the U.S., internationally, and online.

THE CHALLENGE: The brand’s decision to expand into Amazon as a first-party seller brought both excitement and frustration. For months, the company tried unsuccessfully to manage unauthorized third-party retailers who were selling products as low as 50% of the Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”).

HUNDREDS OF UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS: Initial monitoring efforts revealed nearly 700 unauthorized third-party retailers peddling the company’s products via anonymous storefronts on Amazon.

FIND-IDENTIFY-TARGET-REMOVEeEnforce™ Was tasked to help the brand gain control of their sales channel on Amazon and permanently remove key unauthorized sellers from selling their brand. 

Our focus was to identify the key players causing the most harm to the brand, and then unmask their real identities and then force them to permanently stop selling the brands products.

E-Enforce pierced the anonymity of 110 professional unauthorized sellers on Amazon by obtaining their names, social security numbers, phone numbers and addresses for use in targeted enforcement efforts. Once unmasked, we were able to get them to permanently stop selling the products. We also were able to identify some of their key distributors as the source of product leakage.


696 total unauthorized sellers shut down. 85% of ASINs are now at or above MAP. The brand is able to control the Buy Box on Amazon. 110 professional sellers identified and stopped.


Unauthorized Sellers At Start

Controling MAP & "Buy Box"
Unauthorized Sellers Removed

"(MAP) & Sales Channel Control

Buy Box Control (BEFORE)