Protecting Your Brand & Intellectual Property

The eEnforce™ Online Brand Protection team has provided intellectual property protection, enforcement, and risk assessments for many well-known brands across the globe. Our team of dedicated consultants, investigators, and analysts have online brand protection and enforcement experience in virtually every sector, across the internet and in major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, & Walmart and select private sites.

The eEnforce™ eCommerce Protection Team partners with clients to custom-build a proactive and cost-effective flat-fee enforcement program suited to each client’s specific needs and budget. eEnforce™ has the experience to seamlessly and cost-effectively safeguard your brands from, among other things:

  • Unauthorized Sellers
  • Trademark & patent infringements
  • Internet counterfeiters & knockoffs
  •  Parallel Import & Grey Market Imports
  • Online advertising & traffic diversion

Request your free consultation for a high-level overview and snapshot of potential threats to your brand.

Find-Prioritize-Identify-Track-Permanently Remove

How To Get Started With eEnforce™

Request Free Consultation

By clicking the button below you will be taken to a form to request a FREE Brand Protection Consultation and high-level snapshot & strategic overview of potential threats to your brand and how to eliminate them.

Brand Protection RoadMap

After you meet with our consultants and we understand your objectives, and review the potential threats to your brand, we will provide your company with a FREE Brand Protection Roadmap outlining our recommendations and pricing options.

Dedicated Account Manager & Consultant

Upon engaging our firm, we will assign a dedicated account manager and eCommerce consultant to help you with on-boarding. Our on-boarding process is simple and efficient. Within (3) business days of engagement, we can have your enforcement protocol up and running.

Weekly Reporting

Each week, you will receive a comprehensive report that gives a precise snapshot of your brand’s progress toward reaching its enforcement goals. No surprises. In less than 5 minutes-per-week you will know, among other things, the identities of: (1) sellers we have unmasked; (2)sellers enforced against; (3) sellers removed; (4) the leakage rate of products and their sellers. Now you can let your internal teams get back to their regular jobs with the confidence of knowing your brand is being protected.

Targeted Enforcement

Our team of engineers, analysts, investigators, consultants and account managers are constantly reviewing your accounts brand’s progress towards meeting your enforcement objectives. We review your account weekly,, adjust accordingly, and utilize various enforcement tools and strategies to gain control over MAP, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, patent infringement and other eCommerce violations.

Quarterly Progress Review

At eEnforce™ we consider our clients as valued partners. Each quarter, your dedicated account manager, enforcement consultant, and senior management team will review your account. We will then schedule a telephone conference and screenshare with your internal team/management to discuss progress, trends, and adjustments needed for the next quarter, based upon real time intelligence gleaned from all available data.