Quantify Your Brand’s Issues Before Selecting An Enforcement Approach

Since 2010, E-Enforce and it’s parent company Cyber Investigation Services, LLC has been involved in creating affordable, unauthorized seller solutions for brands large and small.

A key lesson learned over the years is that no magical, one size fits all solution exists since each brand, each vertical or industry group, and each distribution strategy presents unique twists and turns.

For brands looking for real solutions, we offer a free 3 step, consultation with a senior executive of E-Enforce’s Enforcement team:

Step 1:   Understand the brand’s eCommerce challenges and objectives along with current 3p or 1P market strategies, policies and limitations in relation to pricing control and protecting the brands reputation.

Step 2:   Provide a comprehensive snapshot of how unauthorized sellers are impacting their ecommerce strategies. This yields data on total # of unauthorized sellers, breakdowns of # ASINs and MAP violations per seller, every product listing, and how their enforcement efforts compare with other similar brands.  For most brands, this is their first opportunity to ever see the level of problem (good or bad) that they are facing, and what to do about it.

Step 3:  Based on real data obtained from the SnapShot; we will provide key recommendations on how to eradicate unauthorized sellers, control supply chain leakage, and meet the brands eCommerce objectives.

If you are seeking real solutions to controlling unauthorized sellers online, request a free consult today.

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