Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

Our Unauthorized Seller Enforcement team is one of the most comprehensive in the country. Our team of professionals represent both Fortune 500 and successful up-and-coming brands.  Our approach is to combine our unparalleled abilities to investigative and expose the real identities of unauthorized sellers with our high-tech monitoring and enforcement tracking tools. With this comprehensive strategy we are able to eliminate the  typical whack-a-mole strategies of most brands, and permanently remove unauthorized sellers.

Through our turn-key approach, we are able to identify a brands enforcement goals, and wrap an effective strategy around them to help them achieve their enforcement goals. We are confident in our ability to permanently remove unauthorized third-party sellers from online marketplaces, implement MAP programs and protect brand equity. We know firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

Impact On Brands

The impact on brands who have lost control of their MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing), supply and distribution channels, quality and safety controls and online marketing can be frustrating to even the largest of brands. Below are some key impacts we help to address:

Reputation Damage & Erosion of Brand Value. Unauthorized sellers do not have to comply with a brands established safety, quality, packaging and service controls. With no controls in place, the impacts can result in bad customer reviews, dilution of brand equity, not to mention confused and unhappy customers.

Dilution of MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) causing a race-to-the-bottom. When companies lose control over their supply-chain and don’t maintain controls over who can sell their product, it fosters an environment of pricing degradation. Sellers compete to gain the most sales on online platforms, ultimately driving prices below MAP or Suggested Retail Advertising and a race-to-the-bottom mindset.

Disgruntled Distributors/Retailers  Many companies that have built their success on the backs of dedicated distributors and retailers, frequently are confronted by angry authorized sellers who are being undercut on 3rd party marketplaces. This can cause leading distributors and retailers to ultimately drop the brand.

Loss Of Opportunity For Expansion. Major distributors, and big box retailers are now requiring that a brand demonstrate that they have control over sales on 3rd party marketplaces. Failure to do so can cause them to loose potential contracts, or profits from contracts they have in place.

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