Anti-Counterfeit Enforcement

Online counterfeiting is the illegal practice of making consumers believe that they are buying authentic goods, when in fact they are purchasing cheaply produced knockoffs of the real thing. According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) online counterfeit sales have exceeded a half a trillion dollars annually. It is no wonder that these sales have proliferated, given that major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are regular sales venues. Additionally, as website creation becomes increasingly automated and simple, many counterfeiters are creating their own websites for the sole purpose of making these illicit sales.

Identify The Manufacturer

Comprehensive targeted enforcement  has proven to be the most effective way for dealing with counterfeiters, no matter where they conduct their sales. Counterfeiters are criminals, and play by a different set of rules than “Unauthorized Sellers”. They can easily close down one company and reopen another the same day when they need to avoid paying the price for their crimes. This can easily make a traditional legal approach to enforcing intellectual property rights meaningless.

E-Enforce™ has developed sophisticated technology that monitors the major marketplaces looking for indicators of potential counterfeiting activity.   These events are then reviewed by our teams of analysts looking for clear signs of infringement. If counterfeiting is suspected, our investigation team gets involved with the company in making covert product buys coupled with the investigative goal of “Identifying The Manufacturer” of the products. Once identifying the source we have relationships with law enforcement in most regions of the world including China, Hong Kong, and Asia in order to achieve effective results. Where most counterfeit strategies focus on expensive legal processes that typically are not enforceable, we focus on getting the manufacturing counterfeit source arrested, shutting down operations and seizing property.

Our Enforcement Services include:

  • Anti-Counterfeit Program Consulting
  • Supply Chain Auditing
  • 24/7 Monitoring Of Marketplace Websites
  • Cluster Analysis Of Counterfeit Sites
  • Escalated Enforcement C&D’s
  • Targeted Product Buys & Sting Operations
  • Identification of Sellers & Manufacturers
  • Seller Take-downs & Removals
  • Law Enforcement & Support Coordination
  • Product Seizures and Manufacturer Shutdowns

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