Amazon Seller Consultants are partnering with E-Enforcement Specialists to build strong brands.

Amazon’s online marketplace continues to grow at a record-setting pace. With over 2 million sellers now operating virtual storefronts on Amazon, it can be difficult for a young manufacturer to make headway in the vast sea of competition. Amazon Seller Consultants are an invaluable resource for building brands online. Once brands achieve success, however, they often become targets for some of the internet’s most unscrupulous characters. By also partnering with E-Enforcement professionals from the outset, brands can set up strategies to knock down counterfeiters, unauthorized sellers, and other fraudsters quickly and efficiently.

Tackle Amazon’s pitfalls from the get go

Although Amazon’s online marketplace has created a windfall for many manufacturers, there is no doubt that the company’s policies are complex and ever-changing. Amazon Seller Consultants take much of the guesswork out of the equation. They can not only help your company wade through the myriad of policies and guidelines, they also create marketing and branding strategies to make your products stand out against those of your competitors.

While Amazon Seller Consultants are working to build your brand, E-Enforcement professionals will help build strategies to fend off those who will try to break it down. Specifically, E-Enforcers have the knowledge and expertise to battle the three biggest threats to online brands: unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters, and sellers who violate manufacturers’ Minimum Advertised Pricing (“MAP”) policies. Just about every brand that achieves success online encounters these three types of scammers.

The optimal time to consult with E-Enforcers is before your brand ever has its first issue with online thieves. E-Enforcement professionals will help you build rock-solid authorized seller networks, customer notification systems, MAP policies, and monitoring tactics that will make your ongoing enforcement efforts highly efficient and forceful. While any successful brand will face online sales assaults, those who are prepared for the challenge will suffer the fewest setbacks when they arise.

Established brands also need consultants

Unfortunately, the greater your company’s online success, the greater the chance you’ll be hit by fraudulent online schemes. Just recently, an E-Enforcement team was hired to assist a client whose sales had reached $2 billion annually. As the E-Enforcers began searching for illicit sales of that company’s products online, they found over $1.7 million in inventory being offered on Amazon alone. Left unchecked, those unauthorized sales could have easily cost the company over $2 million a year in lost revenue. Fortunately, the E-Enforcement professionals were able to effectively shut down those illegitimate sales channels.

They do this by way of a three-pronged strategy that involves technology, investigation, and law. The first step typically involves technological monitoring of a company’s online sales. The monitoring services can detect likely counterfeits, sales by retailers outside a brand’s authorized retailer network, and sub-MAP sales.

Once the unlawful sales are unmasked through monitoring, the E-Enforcer’s investigatory skills kick in. Most illicit online sellers operate under fictitious names or hide behind dozens of shell corporations set up for the sole purpose of making illegal sales. By using proprietary databases, access to law-enforcement reporting and other trade secrets, E-Enforcement professionals will identify the real people behind each scam.

Once the rogue sellers are identified, legal strategies are employed. Cease and desist demands will be sent electronically and, if necessary, to the sellers’ homes and offices. If that doesn’t put a stop to things, E-Enforcers will engage one of their affiliated law firms to send a copy of a Federal Court complaint, along with a warning that if the offending sales are not stopped within a few days, the lawsuit will be filed.

Not only does this tactic typically put a stop to scam sellers, it also frequently works to force the seller to reveal his or her product source. By chasing illicit products upstream, brands may be able to knock out multiple problematic sales channels in one fell swoop

The ability to sell products on Amazon presents a fantastic opportunity for millions of brands. By engaging the right professionals along the way, companies can optimize their chances for success while minimizing the risks that often accompany that success.

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Rogue Mobile Apps

Rogue mobile apps are a relatively new entrant to the world of cyber crime. Nonetheless, these apps exploding because of many brands do not yet know how to police this conduct. To make matters worse, apps are often included in popular mobile app stores. Developers of these rogue apps are bold enough to utilize a company’s name and logo without permission – leaving the consumer with the mistaken impression that their apps are brand-sponsored. Oftentimes, the apps offer substantial discounts not intended by the brand – or in the worst cases – maliciously steal user financial information for later exploitation. Either way, the legitimate brand’s reputation is tarnished in the eyes of the consumer.

At E-Enforce, we understand these illegal tactics and have developed E-Triad systems that enable brands to quickly and efficiently eradicate these offenders. Our technology solutions go far beyond finding large volumes of raw brand mentions and then asking attorneys to scan through them. Instead, we have developed specialized technology, couple with trained analyst review, that produces list of probable infringement events that can be cost-effectively reviewed by a licensed attorney.