Knowledgeable, decisive,committed

A Divsion of Cyber Investigation Services LLc

Our History

eEnforce™ was founded by two brothers with very diverse and highly unique backgrounds. One had a background in engineering services. The other spent years in law enforcement, working with government agencies like the FBI and Department of Defense. Located in Tampa, Florida, they developed eEnforce™ and its parent company, Cyber Investigation Services LLC (“CIS”), into one of the premier private cyber investigation & intelligence firms in the country.

For almost a decade, CIS has been recognized as the go-to investigation firm for identifying, tracking, and enforcing against online criminals and violators in both the eCommerce brand protection and cyber-crime world. With over a 1000+  civil and criminal cases under their belt, they bring a wealth of experience to the table. Their worldwide contacts, law enforcement backgrounds, and high-tech experience have allowed them to work jointly with the FBI, Secret Service, Interpol, U.S. Customs, Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, as well as Fortune 500 companies and top law firms.

With their proprietary Intelligence Driven Technology,  experience with high-profile and expert cases, worldwide connections, and their internal team of highly trained analysts and investigators, they have become one of the fastest growing eCommerce protection companies in the world. Their focus is helping brands develop permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers and online infringers intellectual property rights.

Knowledgeable, Decisive, Committed