Knowledgeable, decisive,committed

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Knowledgeable, Decisive, Committed

Since 2012, eEnforce has become the only online protection and enforcement firm that maintains the legal licensure and capabilities to identify unauthorized sellers down to their EIN, or social security number and then legally enforce compliance with a brands trademark. Their unique ability dwarfs the approach of most MAP Software companies due to eEnforce’s legal authority to pierce the anonymity of online sellers and force their permanent removals and disclosures of distribution leakage within their distribution supply chain.

Utilizing intelligence-based technology, licensed investigators, and effective compliance measures, they are able help brands gain control over MAP pricing, product distribution leakage, bottom line profits, quality control, and reputational harm on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Private websites. Plus, they back up their performance with a bold GUARANTEE.

eEnforcehas become one of the fastest growing eCommerce protection companies in the world. Their focus is helping brands develop permanent solutions to stopping unauthorized sellers and online infringers intellectual property rights. Click the button below to request a free brand protection consultation.



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