In today’s retail world, with an ever-growing percentage of sales happening via E-Commerce, a new brand of retail fraud is proliferating: unauthorized, online sales of consumer goods, often below the manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”). These illicit sales have a tremendous impact on E-Commerce, from harming relationships between manufacturers and authorized sellers, to creating a negative impression of manufacturers’ brands in the eyes of consumers.

At E-Enforce, we have developed an E-Triad, strategy for successful, cost-efficient enforcement. E-Triad, blends technology, investigation and focused legal efforts to shut down unauthorized sellers from exploiting our clients’ brands.

In technology, we have developed all the tools necessary to regularly monitor all the sales activity across a brand’s important SKU’s.   Our technical team utilizes time tested methods of communicating and convincing illegal sellers that they are better off not selling our protected brands. In addition, we have integrated our methods with several of the leading (MAP) Minimum Advertising Pricing data providers to enable full online price control.

For the investigation component of the E-Triad,, we employ skills honed by our parent company, Cyber Investigations Services (“CIS”). CIS is a licensed investigation group that has spent the better part of the last decade developing investigatory capabilities far beyond that of most in-house teams or law firms. With hundreds of E-Commerce investigations performed each month, our team not only has access to law enforcement databases that are accessible exclusively to licensed investigators, but has built a rapidly expanding proprietary database of known illicit sellers.   Once a seller identity is known, putting a permanent halt to that seller’s illegal activities is not far behind.

The legal component of the E-Triad, requires involvement of one of our key law firm partners who will be on hand to provide advice and draft any required legal filings. Clients with smaller brands are often paired with well-established legal groups that can help execute the legal strategies necessary for success. E-Enforcewill perform the vast majority of the enforcement efforts, with the occasional support of the attorney on an as-needed basis. For medium to larger brands, E-Enforceworks hand-in-hand with the company’s internal or outside legal counsel. We also have strategic relationships with lawyers and law firms across the country that specialize in E-Commerce enforcement and we’re happy to make recommendations upon the client’s request.


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