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Medical Supply Manufacturer




An international medical and patient monitoring device company was founded in 1915.

THE CHALLENGE: The brand was getting complaints from key partners all over the world that its products were being sold at a fraction of the Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) on Amazon. The brand itself had not authorized any first-party or third-party sales on the site. An initial monitoring report revealed 186 unauthorized sellers on Amazon selling over 200 of the brand’s ASINs in that marketplace.

DAMAGED RELATIONSHIPS WITH DISTRIBUTORS: The brand’s products were being sold at deep discounts by unauthorized sellers competing for the Buy Box on Amazon. Distributors and authorized brick and mortar retailers simply could not compete with Amazon pricing while still honoring MAP. This caused major distributors to pull back orders and halt sales.

FIND-IDENTIFY-TARGET-REMOVEeEnforce™ Was tasked to determine who were the key unauthorized sellers impacting their brand globally on Amazon.

Our solution was to utilize our  “Intelligence Driven Technology”  to prioritize those sellers and then utilize our analysts and investigators to unmask the majority of the sellers real identities.

After identifying the key sellers we utilized strategic relationships, technology and brand approved strategies to gain control over supply chain and unauthorized sales on Amazon.

Knowing that the brand was losing sales through sales channel leakage that had found its way to Amazon U.S. eEnforce™ quickly was able to pinpoint the key individuals who were running anonymous storefronts, unmasked their real identities, and then  began custom enforcement measures directly against those sellers.


In less than 6 months, E-Enforce was able to restore 97% channel control of both online and offline markets. Strict adherence to MAP has restored distributor confidence in the brand.

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