Online Counterfeit Enforcement

What your company needs to know to put a stop to online sales of counterfeit products Counterfeiting, or the sale of fake goods, has been a problem for as long as products have been sold. In the age of E-Commerce, however, the problem has reached monumental...

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Online Seller Enforcement

What your company must do to protect against unauthorized sellers online. These days, it is easier than ever to start a retail business. Gone are the days when an entrepreneur had to worry about finding a storefront, negotiating a lease, and attracting a local...

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Third-Party Seller Enforcement

Third-party sellers in online marketplaces are the ones wreaking havoc with manufacturers. Online mega-retailer, Amazon, has long used third parties to fulfill many of the product orders made on its website. By some estimates, Amazon has over 2 million third-party...

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Trademark Enforcement Against 1st Sale Doctrine

How manufacturers can overcome the First Sale Doctrine in online sales Manufacturers go to great lengths to create products, build brands, and win favor among consumers. To protect the integrity of those brands, products, and associated marketing collateral, companies...

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How to protect your brand from dilution via online scammers. In today’s global marketplace, branding and brand reputation are two of the key components to a manufacturer’s success. Online product reviews are plentiful and consumers know to read those reviews before...

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Identify Fraudulent Amazon Sellers

How manufacturers can identify fraudulent sellers on Amazon Amazon is far and away the largest online marketplace in the United States. The company is selling well over $80 billion worth of products online annually. What many people don’t realize is that many sales...

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