E-Enforceis a specialized division of Cyber Investigation Services (CIS). Since 2010, CIS has been a nationally recognized firm specializing in tracking, identifying and assisting in prosecution of those who violate civil and criminal laws through their online conduct. CIS was founded with the sole focus of protecting our clients from the many hidden dangers lurking in online commerce. We do this by combining our advanced technologies and tactical investigations with the power and expertise of key legal professionals.

As soon as we opened our doors, clients approached us to take on the proliferation of unknown sellers that were flooding the marketplaces of Amazon and eBay. Working hand-in-hand with a top 200 law firm, we developed and refined the tactics necessary to deal with this exploding problem. As a result, we now have some of the world’s top brands as regular clients.

Today, E-Enforceemploys a dedicated team of engineers, software developers, data analysts, product purchasing specialists, licensed cyber investigators, and seasoned former law enforcement officers. We dedicate each day to helping our clients deal with this rapidly evolving problem. In addition to our in-house team, we regularly partner with numerous legal professionals specialized in the many aspects of fighting cyber crime. “E-Enforce™  is committed to mitigating unauthorized sellers and assisting clients with counterfeiters and traffic diverters determined to erode a brand’s hard-earned margins”


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